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Mysterious veil of Scorpio (two)
post pubblicato in diario, il 1 dicembre 2009

Very clear the scorpion positioning oneself
Plan, not talk about rashly to be wise in life giving up by the calm expression swayed from scorpio, tactics not drifting with the tide, can obviously find out scorpio is how one understands one's own person. Scorpio can for reach goal a certain, stand long-term loneliness, suffering, health and double trial of spirit of heart, not shrinking back more bitterly, know one's own individual character very too, because if the end does not make great efforts to fail enough, he will not forgive oneself all one's life.
Good at using the scorpion of the tactics
Scorpio different intuition strength, strength of analyzing and carrying out the behaving most completely of strength to long people, lie in planning and application of the tactics. Scorpio because shy or speech clumsy to like, shelter from in corner, but he busy with every word and action to observe everybody and knit the brows first smile, these delicate ones enter the information storehouse in the brain of scorpio man-machine interdynamically, will transform into an effective message at once, it is to analyze through accurate summing up, a set of scorpio type professional tactics arise at the historic moment.
Can master crisis scorpion to transform key
Someone think can spend crisis is very lucky already, someone except be able to hair have wounded among crisis, can even turn the crisis into transforming, great leap forward of the achievement, scorpio belongs to the latter promptly. The calm personality of scorpio, can let and is in the combat success that he keeps the minimum limit of the crisis, opportunity waiting to stand up; Scorpio is good at the natural gift of strategy, can let the inferior position be turned into the advantage, when everybody have no enough time to pay attention to, has already moved towards the mountaintop from the low ebb, the drama changed, make people very surprised.

Have an opportunity to add the scorpion that divides against the tendency
When people are in the favourable circumstance, most afraid of being swollen with pride, people are most afraid of losing confidence in the adverse circumstance, so long as affectedly bashful proper in these two respects, can add and is divided much in life. Scorpio is used to alive in the low-key and dark atmosphere, just as flowers have natural instincts on the sunny side general, hide the mood under the horizontal plane, let scorpio protect stable mood, and the motive force that can fight at any time, so, scorpio is not not only afraid of the adverse circumstance, there is a kind of psychology wanted to overcome it instead, the kinetic energy is sheer.
Scorpion that can let the mood precipitate fast
Actually scorpio was not a person radiant with joy, so a lot of people may think by mistake he was a cold sense king without mood, in fact scorpio is standard and cold outside and hot inside, his temperature limit can match in excellence or beauty on the volcano magma that can melt the whole city, the might is sheer. However, the name of the ruthless role of scorpio does not call the false one, he knows that can not do the large undertaking, too excited to become the great merit while being irritable, when should does it know cool, key on when this is hospitable well, can never make and sell the behavior that oneself regrets.

Scorpion of a resolution of burning one's bridge
That malicious needle making the person tremble with fear, represent two kinds of meanings on the scorpio tail, first, he polishes the ruthless hot signboard of scorpio, is equal to telling everybody to " grow along me person, die against I person. " Do not try to make the dark king's dangerous game angry easily; Second, it has symbolized the firm and lasting resolution of scorpio, so long as the goal which he wants to reach, will change again at that time determined, there are unsuccessful resolution and imposing manner dying for a righteous cause.

Wish to gamble the scorpion admitting defeat
Unless gamble of scorpio for recessiveness, but not it is the dominant,enough people that knows well non- might ideas to perceive him unable, I wonder if he has "  Gamble " Speciality,it feel he only the getting more mysterious very, in fact he the getting getting more more light in addiction in this respect! Scorpio is a person who stresses the tactics, he will rack one's brains in order to win, use the means of trying best, but if fail, he will not be discouraged or irritable either, will make great efforts to make a self-criticism instead, grind more tight getting the upper hand of the unique skill precisely, wait for the good chance to show capabilities the next time.
Have the ability to overcome the scorpion of the evil spirit of heart
If want the theory "  The evil spirit " This word, scorpio can be regarded as and type there are not rivals all over the world, because he himself is the aggregate of the magic power, all evil spirit ran into him to want to keep a good distance from. Scorpio, no matter what situation is faced, it is all psychological tactics that used, collect the materials, analyze the pluses and minuses first, it is the broken tactics to plan one more to attack, can often succeed in at one blow finally, is considered as the ruthless role with strong fighting capacity. And when the scorpion wants to overcome one's own shortcoming on the same day, that was used is this trick, have made brilliant achievements, never accidentally drop.

Know the scorpion that the foot strives for with all strength in the fourth of the twelve Earth Branches
If common people are by raising a cry of warning, raising the hand and shouting, overstating the way to beg to strive for, then the scorpio method seems low-key and many, he neither shout and does not shout cries and does not ask, nor, the one that was used is the tactics of elongating the battle line, the non- eager victory or defeat win and defeat for the moment, prepare the long-term war of resistance to get the shaking victory in return. Scorpio carefree and leisurely, save ten energy of atomic bomb already in fact like duck water-ski at the surface, waiting to ignite.
Scorpion making great efforts to interpret a dream and plan in practice
Silence of scorpio does not represent staying cool, he is with the mask posture that the duck is striking, near to one's own dream step by step. Scorpio claim he plan, want what does it do, or what plan he go on never, so it was easy to be think scorpio by mistake by the person not who are insiders "  It seems " In resting state all the time, nothing sound. The scorpion determines to realize a dream on the same day, will not let oneself have any route of retreat, unsuccessful, die for a righteous cause, will certainly persist with the resolution that pledge life.
Can transfer others' criticism to a scorpion of motive force
Scorpio watch bad to have a good prospect always, used to in a dark but not bright one, like listening to true criticism instead of the happy slanderous talk, though, this kind of thinking mode is very unusual, is really scorpio like the false natural instinct that guarantees replacement. Scorpio knows scorpio has any advantage, others needn't come to say, detest having people that attempt against the law to cause and deceive oneself with this even more, but if someone state outright, criticize scorpio, he will serious vertical ear listen attentively to, because scorpio know that to let him become strong important power source one of.
Will keep the scorpion of the exercise continuously
Like hiding in scorpio of the dark place, what is busy with on earth? Except observe others' advantage stealthily, admit as one's own nutrient, and scalp and drill, plan to happen outside the unmatched great plan in the flawless history, but practise tirelessly, until the perfection. Hold the resolution that meets one's death like a hero, must be won to every task in scorpio, so he will let oneself enter the state of preparing for war as soon as possible, practises hard, does not relax at all.

Scorpion that the easy grain stands up at bottom
Only scorpio would like to bow, otherwise want scorpio to give up, it is the impossible task at all, if scorpio have thought that give up, even if he even life, hard if soul will of steel can try every possible means goal of reaching too, will never loose one's grip. Diligent and serious intensity of scorpio, will never change because smoothly or frustratedly to some extent, even fall into the psychology that the dangerous situation wants to overcome sometimes, so, the grain stands up for scorpio at bottom, it is a kind of exciting test.

It is easy to throw the scorpion under from the high in the clouds
Require strict, step by step careful scorpio oneself, say, should get on the high in the clouds according to the capability according to reason, and as stable as Mount Tai, there is not any dangerous doubt at all. It's a pity, scorpio has a famous personality of the innate one - -Jealous evil is like hatred, the heart is too strong that have revenged. Rise spontaneously by intention of retaliation as him, reach a decision, want adopt means absolutely to somebody, it is very apt to lose reason, almost crazy, even become the victim hated finally.

Scorpion of the thing that must make sure to want to do oneself
Blazing raging fire, if unable to mix color getting dark, scorpio want goal that up to to oneself, the expression of compromising that a silk never appears, seem to carve " I must accomplish on the face "! " Words,expression in one's eyes the firm the grave and stern, it is reason and space that doubt not to let by people. Yes! It is in scorpio without space people,whose name is that he take for and he,the absolutely clear, clearly demarcated, on the way of pursuing, he is never frightened terribly by thistles and thorns that the scene beautiful confuse or hurt one's feeling, the goal is clear all the time, endurance is always surprising.
Yes scorpion of release glamour heartily
The glamour of scorpio is out of the common, one kind is up to time denser, more and more pleasant and denser, more and more pleasant speciality, like suction strong black hole, hold, leave while being very much difficult. Confidence of scorpio appear, on outside, let, understand people of state, think he only dark, calm side never, hardly realize scorpio has 1,000 degrees hospitable those who actually have strength and hold power, can engulf a person easily, represent glamour for him, it is light and easy like already like routinesing.
It is very difficult to break through the scorpion in the self- hedge
The consciousness of enemy and we of scorpio is strong, mine, yours, he get absolutely clearly, everyone is forbidden to transgress the bounds, principles. Unless such a for scorpio, unless its advantage is clear completely, the getting more messy never,can in good at by oneselfing, familiar field, represent surprising explosive force, succeed at one blow, but shortcoming to can only look through, two stare often at the state of meeting, not transferring to the round space, the result lets oneself endure sufferings more instead.
Unwilling to cater to others' scorpion
Scorpio has a set of own ideas and cognition, apt to make him seem out of the common among the crowds, even produce the distance, however, scorpio never thinks this is a question, have a step to enjoy one's own one very much instead alone. He does not want to go to change others with one's own speciality, unwilling to be changed by anyone too, " cater to "  To some people, perhaps it is only interpersonal an interdynamic a way among them, but to scorpio, really terrible self- ruin, there is not a reason of any attempt at all.

It is unable to face the scorpions of the things that are not familiar with
Hate clearly demarcated, jealous evil such as scorpio of hatred as to love, familiar with and equal to not liking, like, mean exchanges of refusing, refuse exchanges, contact thing while being impossible totally too, this bunches of game rules are absolutely clear, the demarcation line is clearly demarcated, there is no space bargaining at all. Controlling wanting to be extremely strong of scorpio, so long as let him think that there is a feeling out of control, will reject at once, and there is not even a bit of space, the standard is very tight and severe.
It is apt to let rivals produce the scorpion of vigilance
With a murderous look on one's face, grave and stern and harsh imposing manner of scorpio, one is half-dead to often frighten the rival once appearing on the scene, will be precededded soon "  The ruthless role "  Title,awe-inspiring. People will be frightened, feel afraid because of being unable to grasp the unknown state, the impressions on scorpio of common people are like this, taciturn scorpio with few expression, with very calm behavior that always think, notify what kind crushing mean method does it use, very much the terrible one. 
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Mysterious veil of Scorpio
post pubblicato in diario, il 1 dicembre 2009

Mysterious veil of Scorpio
Have powerful scorpion achieving overnight success
Scorpio should be "  Accomplish at one stroke what should be carried through by stages "  The most beautiful outstanding one that this unique skill used, seem to keep silent usually, do not close the own appearance, is in fact always observing, studying secretly in a thing, draw others' essence hard, then close the border, practise austerities, after some time, can eyes practise scorpio type unique to offend while being secret. Then, wait for a certain great opportunity, the scorpion appears when everybody is at the moment again on the same day, its surprising capability behaves, absolutely not common people can imagine.

Scorpion liking doing the ringlet and enclosing
Enemy and we of Scorpio consciousness very clearly demarcated, such a personality whom speciality extend to on ordinary days get along with people, become, like, do ringlet enclose, but scorpio low-key person very, they can announce with with a deafening sound of gongs and drums way to world speak how loudly, but go on in way of a secret, underground organization, only in order to concentrate a group of one that like oneselves, confederate trusting it, that's it, what is not wanted to prove or what is transmitted.

Have scorpions of capability of improving
The mystery of scorpio is a kind of appeal difficult to resist, but become an invisible wide gap between he and others, this, for scorpio with strong capability, perhaps it is not the fatal injury, but still represent the obstacle of a certain intensity. However, with the passage of time, the increase of the break-in chance, can have opened the heart to defend gradually after all in scorpio, improve transparency on it is mysterious for veil constantly too,in heaven helps those who help themselves situation get off, walked out an open day ago.
Have senior general its wind's scorpions
Although scorpio always likes hiding in the dark corner at ordinary times, in fact he is not shy, do words on one's own authority, he conserve strength and store up energy just, wait for one favorable own a fine moment most when being lucky, one that is with breaking out, the astonishing one, the shock posture put in place once appears in front of everybody. Scorpio can not already belong to out, one has presented the type that must achieve overnight success, perhaps his imposing manner is not the strongest, but must make people unforgettable most.

Require the self- scorpion strictly
Others think a huge one is bitter, in the cognition of scorpio, blood circulation promoting is only an ordinary incident; The difficulty that others thought in the past, in the life of scorpio, perhaps turned into an enjoyable challenge. Scorpio whether this piece know how, gnaw pain of biting, struggle, can transform tribulation self- quantity on sea of fire most in the world, then the bath fire lives again as the person of a phoenix beautiful, for him, relaxed and comfortable life is the false appearance not existing, only through the person who is tested strictly, have an opportunity to store and live on.

Meet the strong and strong scorpion
It is not hanging on the mouth, does not appear on the behavior at ordinary times that scorpio is eager to do well in everything, but hide and accumulate and ferment, not will want a sentence of enormous energy of breaking out in the heart of hearts, for a long time, while especially meeting the formidable opponent with surprising capability, scorpio tail, that malicious needle, will be stuck up higher, its purpose lies in declaring the resolution of burning one's bridge by oneself, meanwhile, mean telling the other side too: "Run into me, you have extremely fixed! "
Frustrate the brave scorpion
Scorpio does not have a sharp weapon, has not shouted slogans either to propose the habit of shaking morale, but he can make a beautiful psychological war, beats back the terrible heart evil spirit with enormous strength. The setback brings a person's agony, not mostly the wound from skin and flesh, but the suffering of heart and the wearing down of the will, in this respect, scorpio go bankrupt, have one tactics that deal with, can let lethality of setback lowest, and break away from the difficulty at fastest speed, seek so that another Guangming Road is passed.
Can find the self-confident scorpion in low tide
The toughness of scorpio is better than everyone, especially thing that he has already made up one's mind, never know affection to give up or overthrow, more bitter, difficult to more endure, he will clench one's teeth to prop up. Scorpio will meet low tide too like general person, just the view of low tide of his place is not so negative, after some psychological construction, can regard low tide one as one must pass change in quality one oneself also even, make great efforts to try every possible means to help oneself to see through the difficulty, is reborn.
Scorpion apt to let people get an idea
Scorpio is though mysterious, dim, deep, also have a gang of glamour that nobody can imitate of one's own. Scorpio never expects one's own start can gain thunderous applause, but the fact many times proves, scorpio strong temptation always can appear at that time before one's eyes of everybody in him, get the result of frightening the heart, hitting the human nature. The more terrible one is, scorpio lets people get an idea on effects caused, absolutely not transient, but deep and remote and far away and far-reaching.

Have scorpions of strong enemy and our consciousness
Scorpio will not regard a target as the enemy at will, even if that person may have once offended scorpio, injured scorpio indirectly because of carelessness, or let scorpio be unhappy under the unavoidable situation, may not be certain to be sentenced to death by scorpio. But a thousand think one hundred enemy list that have the final say think, in scorpio, can not have an opportunity to be changed again definitely, unless the enemy confirms that has already received the due punishment, otherwise scorpio will not let the matter rest.

It is difficult to believe in others' scorpion
Want, let scorpion believe one, need, test the time thoroughly tempered, in addition, birds of a feather, watch several terms such as being pleasing to the eye, might have this pair " believe in " in succession Silk thread,it is scorpion and the other side for bunch together, but it is have factor of favourable climate and geographical position and support of the people combined not to want, seem even more difficult than to get Grand Prix, want to gain person who scorpions believed in intentionally, how to make an extra effort!

Once bitten by a snake the scorpion that one shies at a coiled rope for the next ten years
Keep the personality of the lesson in mind in scorpio and belong to the enduring hardships to accomplish some amition type, the taste that will be quited olny for this time, never done it again, for afraid of one's own day live comfortable, or time forget pain of injury that has go through once right away for a long time, sure to find out some let oneself tooth unforgettable mean method, even if think forgetting not to forget.

Think that there is no the friend's scorpion oneself
There is no friend that is perhaps a serious thing to most people, but Scorpio does not think so, jealous evil is like they of hatred, the friend-making law chosen and come, not conformed to, can far away from those if in a disagreeable conversation one word more is too many, instead more lightly happy, but such friend-making attitude, let Scorpio probably fall into extremely lonely crises.

Scorpion not bothering to make friends
The scorpions like the single, pure feeling, does not like as to the complicated, various personnel thing, the principle that they do things is like this, the attitude of making friends is similar too, always hope the friend taking oneself as the centre can enclose population simply, soul beats in harmony, very satisfied if there are several bosom friends who deserves the deep friendship, do not need to seek the great pain of the fee.

Scorpion of the ones that insert the knife for both sides of the chest of friend in Kenya
What scorpio is always done is more manily than to speak, as some people will only claim loudly, what essences achievement but may not be certain to have, that is not a style of scorpio, most people are misled by their grim appearance, thought they only knew to be righteous alone in a community where the general moral tone is low, are in fact asserted the person of a country with oneself by scorpio, can experience the enthusiasm of their moth's putting out the fire type certainly, seem to dig the heart and draw the lung, there was a kind of brave and noble-minded one that connected with and will not grudge very much.
Know how to exchange time for the scorpions of the space
Scorpio is the person knowing how to use the tactics most, " exchange time for the space " One of his numerous tactics as if enumerating one's family valuables that that is. On the same day the scorpion finds the situation seems to present the situation disadvantageous to oneself, and the rival's capability is very strong, oneself take every care, engage the fourth of the twelve Earth Branches when being, may not be certain can win, too, he can adopt " exchange time for space " This trick, attempt to strive for more advantages for oneself, in order to defeat rivals at one blow, overwhelming victory.
In order to succeed scorpion that the trick uses up
The trick that scorpio presents to everybody, say it is only the iceberg corner, hide the capability after the big hard iceberg, make people stare dumb-founded. Scorpio is to know one's own localization, know one's own strength one, understand and attack the skill defended, in the egoistic situation, from keeping and moving towards the victory and succeeding steadily, in the environment not egoistic, move towards leading to victory from breaking out of firmly, this is the scorpio type way to seek survival, no one will come.
Will make the scorpion of the foot homework in advance
Do not fight the battle that is not sure, since like to rise to the challenge in scorpio, would not be careless and careless, from that time determined, he has already entered and prepared for the state. The work of collecting materials of scorpio is terrible, as the saying goes that knows yourself as well as the enemy, ever-victorious, he can be one up on soon in this respect, have an advantage more than other competitors, when some people only know how not to also find out the state with rough strength, some people, scorpio know rival weakness well already, plan, offer hitting fatal.
Know how to make the best of the scorpion of the conflict sense
The ones that are liked by scorpio, person appreciating it, think him hospitable like the fire; The ones that are hated by scorpio, disagreeable person, think him cold as ice and frost, in fact, scorpio is the most typical conflict sense individual. Scorpio with grim and deep appearance, in fact heart has the one that can not use up flame ragingly, just he will direct against different personnel thing, demonstrates different corresponding to the way coldly and hotly, but produce the unique conflict sense, let people think scorpio sometimes mysterious, sometimes hospitable, difficult to fathom.
Dare to " chance it " most Scorpion
If one day, scorpio has already gone to and " chanced it " Condition,will certainly speak words said in a fit of rage that or play by temper, must every one unique declaration. It do things scorpio last careful consideration,advantages and disadvantages last each, carry on the exercise of by every one accurate, until confirming perfectly safely, it was not willing to really sell. Prudent self-sustained person will appear as such no matter 372 eleven conducts changeable in mood, the iron must be played truly, and has already done the worst plan well.
Scorpion easy to be influenced by mood
Basically, Scorpio belongs to the steady cool tone speciality, even if mood rises and falls to some extent, he himself clear, can appear the fine or not mood to outside only probably too, more seldom influence others because of this. Only a little possibility, is scorpio, to the disagreeable, negative mood hostile to, hated etc., it is relatively bad to mediate ability, once the huge energy that you accumulate over a long period comes down in torrents and appears, the consequence caused by it really makes people not dare to imagine.
Scorpion apt to spin a cocoon around oneself
Scorpio is paid attention to very much "  Oneself " ,Just the starting point all stem from one's own demand, seldom look after to others' making excessive demands or expectation in chance in all happiness, anger, grief and joy, extending to look, just as a person is to only see others' stature defect, but has forgotten to look in the mirror to inspect one's own question. Scorpio indulge in among desire of oneself, put, lose, keep a firm hand on into hands, unless it want again rob by sight it is in one's power, end but might nothing get, repent and.
Have scorpions of comeback potentiality
Endurance importance in contest person, one that is just like sunshine on a person, although no only terms, but indispensable, it is well matched in strength to especially work as both sides, the power of endurance is the key to the win and defeat. If say scorpio is a king of the endurance, should the deserving,it no matter not make at blazing burning sun, at desolate and cold cold wind, by rugged and rough rock, at light on the desperate wastelands bald, so long as the goal does not change, scorpio would not stop the step, pledge life to prop up until the last second, just think that lets oneself down.
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The love can't be forgotten
post pubblicato in diario, il 7 marzo 2009

 The love can't be forgotten
I am not a poet, unable to chant the love through the way that beautiful language
I am not a singer, unable to sing the love through the way that beautiful voice
I am not a painter, unable to describe the love with beautiful color
But I know
Once wipe the spark loved out
Then will emit the dazzling brilliant rays

The love is the wind, one comes to dense cloud
The love is a cloud, turn into the prompt rain
The love is the rain, the moist tree that dries up
The love is a tree, spread the next scene of green shade

The love is that a pearl is sparkling and crystal-clear
Will be sparkling even if buried by the grit
The love is that a rainbow is lucuriant in design
Even an accidental one can even leave bright memory now

Like the a pool of stagnant water without love life
Remain calm
Like a stretch of desert without love life
Dull and dreary

The love is the most beautiful emotion in the world
It is rich and colorful because love the world
The love is the most moving emotion in life
Because the lover grows just as the turbulent sea

Everything can lose
Only like be unable to losing
Everything can be forgotten
Only like be unable to forgetting
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Shed tears, can't bear to see you
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Shed tears, can't bear to see you
Eyes ache, because of you, pitiful child.
As father lies in the hospital because of the traffic accident, you and neighbour's auntie look for the trouble-making driver, and when the other side refuses to bear responsibility again, can't bear to see your helpless expression in one's eyes; In your tired going home from the hospital, have to go hither and thither again, while looking for the missing grandfather who suffers from senile dementia, can't bear to see your terrified expression; Father in helplessness can't bear, see you face unable to go to school because of this, want, give you one future that can rely on to have, tell you you in the child come oned to adopt, can't bear, see you agony alarmed look; Take reporter you one's own mother to find you, stand in front of you when being one woman of mental patient that look dull, can't bear to see your disappointed turning round; Will face that piece born in one day just in you, how in the strange one's own father for you whom you abandon finally, can't bear to see the figure that your complicated face avoids   
Having celebrated the New Year, the very high top of a kitchen range, you who are short and short, cook the hogmanay dinner for the whole family for father personally   
Ten years old, or the age acting like a child, can your immature and weak shoulder bear the heavy burden of building up?
Child, how God gives you the destiny of so many errors!
Shed tears, can't bear to see you   
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