Shed tears, can't bear to see you

Shed tears, can't bear to see you
Eyes ache, because of you, pitiful child.
As father lies in the hospital because of the traffic accident, you and neighbour's auntie look for the trouble-making driver, and when the other side refuses to bear responsibility again, can't bear to see your helpless expression in one's eyes; In your tired going home from the hospital, have to go hither and thither again, while looking for the missing grandfather who suffers from senile dementia, can't bear to see your terrified expression; Father in helplessness can't bear, see you face unable to go to school because of this, want, give you one future that can rely on to have, tell you you in the child come oned to adopt, can't bear, see you agony alarmed look; Take reporter you one's own mother to find you, stand in front of you when being one woman of mental patient that look dull, can't bear to see your disappointed turning round; Will face that piece born in one day just in you, how in the strange one's own father for you whom you abandon finally, can't bear to see the figure that your complicated face avoids   
Having celebrated the New Year, the very high top of a kitchen range, you who are short and short, cook the hogmanay dinner for the whole family for father personally   
Ten years old, or the age acting like a child, can your immature and weak shoulder bear the heavy burden of building up?
Child, how God gives you the destiny of so many errors!
Shed tears, can't bear to see you   
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