The love can't be forgotten

 The love can't be forgotten
I am not a poet, unable to chant the love through the way that beautiful language
I am not a singer, unable to sing the love through the way that beautiful voice
I am not a painter, unable to describe the love with beautiful color
But I know
Once wipe the spark loved out
Then will emit the dazzling brilliant rays

The love is the wind, one comes to dense cloud
The love is a cloud, turn into the prompt rain
The love is the rain, the moist tree that dries up
The love is a tree, spread the next scene of green shade

The love is that a pearl is sparkling and crystal-clear
Will be sparkling even if buried by the grit
The love is that a rainbow is lucuriant in design
Even an accidental one can even leave bright memory now

Like the a pool of stagnant water without love life
Remain calm
Like a stretch of desert without love life
Dull and dreary

The love is the most beautiful emotion in the world
It is rich and colorful because love the world
The love is the most moving emotion in life
Because the lover grows just as the turbulent sea

Everything can lose
Only like be unable to losing
Everything can be forgotten
Only like be unable to forgetting
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